Tim Skells - Online Community Builder

Learn how Tim Skells has built a Discord Server around his online business selling tutorials and guides on how to create businesses.

Tim Skells - Online Community Builder

A bit about you - Tim Skells
I worked in the Music Business for a decade and then lived out in Bali for about 3 years running 2 Tourism Companies. However, Covid brought me back to The States & forced me to find a job that could be 100% Online. Which is when I got started with eCommerce Dropshipping. I now have about 5 eCom Stores. Some High Ticket and some Low Ticket & Print on Demand. I also run Affiliate Marketing Sites, YouTube Channels, etc.

My Community is called Your Best Life Biz, and it’s basically the cumulation of all that. I have Tutorials & Guides on how to create all these different types of Online Businesses. Plus a few Communities to go along with it. Such as Discord, and Facebook Group, and our website itself is a Community & Marketplace. As we have all this Content on there, plus sell Apps & Services, with a Message Board woven in throughout all of it + Forums.

This Community is fairly newer. However, I have run many others in the past. I have been creating them since I was a kid actually. First for Skateboarding, then all the Music Stuff, and now this… So the Community thing isn’t new to me, just this one is. Hah

Why did you join/sign up to your community platform
I got into setting up Discords because the Course I learned High Ticket Dropshipping used it. But I remember setting up Yahoo Groups way back in the day! Haha But yeah Discord is basically the main panel on my workstation. It gets its own screen all day.

A short summary of your community - Your Best Life Biz
Your Best Life Biz is a few things really. Starts off as an App & Software Marketplace. Similar to AppSumo and PitchGround. But then it goes much deeper than that. We also have Courses and VA & Freelancer Services like Fiverr. Soon we will be implementing a whole Marketplace for Influencers & Content Creators!

Then there is the Community that is woven all throughout that like I said. We actually use Discord and Facebook Groups, and we have Message Boards on our Site as well. They all function a little bit different for us. Facebook is more of like a Question of the Day if feels like it. Whereas the Message Boards are more of Asking Questions and Getting Answers. Then the Discord just goes all day! haha

Do you host events and activities?

Yes, we have Events, a YouTube channel, Courses, and a lot to stay engaged. Plus our topic is always evolving and changing. So you basically need to be in a Community like ours to even keep doing it!

A link to your community
Main Site is https://YourBestLifeBiz.com and everything branches off from there! Thx!

What prompted you to create the community
I was paying to be in the one I originally learned from. And they weren't always doing the things I was doing anyway. So I wanted to expand. Rather than joining another Paid Community, I just curated my own. To be exactly how I want lol

What was the main way you grew the community?
Honestly, the thing that helped us a lot was having our Discord Group listed on Disboard.org That brought us a HUGE amount of Members before we even had Content!

What are your top three tips for growing a community from scratch?
Mainly just be super patient. And give them something for Free in exchange for Getting Involved. Get them to post something that will also give them a notification automatically when someone replies. So that they get hit up later no matter what. Even after they were already done checking everything out with you.