Top Community Ideas

Stuck for ideas on your Discord Server or online community? Well, here's a bunch of different event, giveaway and random ideas for your community.

Top Community Ideas

Hello, and welcome back to another blog post in AYS! I’m soy from the AYS Journalism Team, bringing you the latest blog. Today’s blog topic is “Various Ideas for your server!” We will discuss random, simple and wacky ideas and features you can insert into your server. So without further ado, let’s get started with event ideas!

Event Ideas

Ideas don’t always have to be extreme to make your Discord server enjoyable! So let’s dive into a few event ideas for your server to improve the community experience, from simple ones to distinctive ones!

  • Watch Party!

Possibly something that you’ve seen before! A Discord Watch party always brings joy to a community. You can all gather together and binge-watch a series or enjoy YouTube videos. Nothing can beat the feeling of watching movies and tv shows with your friends while making some comments and hearing their reactions. Although, you can also set up a few rules, like muting their mics while watching. It’s still possible to see other members’ responses through text channels dedicated to the film.

  • Talent Show!

This is probably something you’ve already seen but not every server hosts talent shows! You’ve probably seen videos of people hosting a talent show in Discord, so why not do it yourself? Hosting a talent show allows your server members to showcase their talents, such as singing, comedy, music, or other hidden skills that not everyone has.

  • Trivia Night!

Do you want to test your server members’ common sense and knowledge? Then, try doing a trivia night to test their capabilities and go beyond! You can use platforms such as Kahoot and stream it in a voice chat. Furthermore, you can ask your members or hold a poll for the categories that might come up in trivia since themed trivia is also fun. Prepare for what your ears are going to hear!

  • Editing Contest!

Are you looking for something wacky for events? Then this is the best event for you! Editing contests allow your server members to showcase their creativity and editing skills to make something amusing! But, of course, it doesn’t have to be the same; you can always set themes and other challenges for this competition. You can even set a base image for them to edit. All that’s left now is to see what they’re going to do!

  • Community Workshop!

A unique event you can have on your server is hosting a workshop your members can attend. The workshop can teach them simple skills such as photo and video editing or craftsmanship. You can also do coding, programming and whatever activity suits your community! The important thing is that everyone participating will have fun while learning something new & improving their skill.

Random Ideas

We’ve been looking through event ideas for your server community. Now it’s about time we discuss features and channels you can add, from simple ones to more unique ones. So here are a few ideas for your server!

  • Fandom Channels!

Ever wanted to talk about movies, series, animes or other topics? If so, you can add a few of the most recent hot topics about anything to your server! This encourages members to discuss and talk about their favourite shows, topics and series together. Whether you’re really into Harry Potter or classic cars, chances are that you’ve brought up specific topics multiple times on your stream. If so, create a channel to discuss it!

  • Bot Associated Channels!

Fandom channels aren’t the only fun channels you should provide. Bot-associated channels are also fun; these channels will contain a bot used in that channel. Bots such as economy bots, Userphone and even meme bots like Dank Memer!

  • Real-Life Images Channels!

Do you wanna share images of your photography, nature photos, cosplays, pets, foods or selfies? Well, now you can! Have a place where your viewers can post pictures related to real life. It doesn’t have to be all on the same channel! This can provide members with interest in what other people are experiencing, whether in nature or cosplays.

  • Tickets!

So you’re telling me there’s a feature that allows members to get support with just one button click? Count me in! Tickets are a great way to help and support your members. Whether it’s reporting another user, if they’re having some troubles, or if they might have server-related inquiries. And if you’re looking for something upper-level, you can try support bots!

  • Support Bots!

Here’s a step up from tickets; let me tell you about support bots. Support bots are similar to tickets, but they work through DM’s rather than channels. You need to DM these bots, and staff on the other side of the bot will be able to answer them as best as possible. These bots offer more simplicity than finding channels in a server, which can get messy sometimes.

That will be all for me today! I’m soy, and thanks for reading today’s blog. Good luck with implementing features into your community. Have a great day!