Learn how the #1 Fitness Discord Server used the YUR bot to engage their community

Learn how the #1 fitness discord server used the YUR bot to engage their community.

Learn how the #1 Fitness Discord Server used the YUR bot to engage their community

In this post, we will be showcasing the features of the YUR RANK fitness bot that sparked a 1,300-message discussion.

The challenge for discord communities

A good crypto and NFT project is defined by the strength of its community. Keeping a community engaged while on Discord is challenging enough. How do you stay connected with your community when they are away from Discord?

Here is how the Effective Fitness server used the YUR Rank bot to overcome "out of sight, out of mind."

The solution

The YUR Rank bot made it a breeze for Effective Fitness to convert 400+ real-life physical activities - including virtual reality- into XP, levels, and challenges in Discord.

With the YUR Rank bot, Effective Fitness kept their members connected in and out of Discord through:

  1. Fitness challenges
  2. Daily fitness leaderboards
  3. Regular Discord celebrations for individual level-ups.

Effective Fitness used the YUR Rank bot to run a summer fitness challenge. The one challenge generated a discussion of 1.3k messages sent in one channel. Members also challenged each other in 1-on-1 challenges. Server mods can use challenges to identify members for allow-lists and giveaways.

YUR's daily leaderboards keep the community up-to-date on the top members' steps, workouts and most improved members.

Your members are likely in many other Discord servers. Keep their attention even when they are not in your server by engaging them in a YUR challenge and by celebrating their IRL achievements in Discord.

YUR Rank is used and loved by fitness, NFT, crypto, and gaming communities, among others. Just as Effective Fitness did with YUR Rank, get your serving moving and talking today.

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